Like with everything else in the world technology is changing the face of agriculture. African Greeneurs is all about making people realise that agriculture is a science and with the right skills, knowledge and support can develop into a thriving business that contributes not only to the local community, but the world as a whole.

Agriculture remains the main economic engine of Africa. Focused, specific, innovation in farming methods and aids will ensure the continent displays improved, secured food security and provides higher incomes for its people, as well as providing practical working models that can be reproduced elsewhere in the world.


African Greeneurs is a start-up EARN Group company focused on developing agri-business skills with a view to develop, support and promote emerging farmers, especially unemployed youth and women, in modern agri-business.

AG recognized that farming is no longer the farming of old and that technology is starting to play an even bigger role in agriculture, especially with the climate changes and declining values of soil and water that the planet is experiencing.

The problem with high tech farming solutions however, is the shortage of skilled farmers to run these state of the art operations, with the fact being that most agricultural graduates when they graduate from Universities or Agricultural colleges lack:

  • Field Experience
  • Management Skills
  • Practical knowledge on how to run a high-tech operation.

Added to this is that the initial high capital cost required to establish these farms scares investors and banks due to high failure rates, for these very reasons.

African Greeneurs has taken up this challenge and developed a unique business model that addresses each of these obstacles, making it easier to master the new way of doing farming.

What makes African Greeneurs different is its hands-on practical working model of agriculture in action, delivering results – no more guesswork involved – you can see the knowledge and skills implementation at work every day.


African Greeneurs’ inspired model of operation covers all that any agri-business entrepreneur may require, from the working farm that generates income, to individual state-of-the art training, a practical ” get your hands dirty” further development program to innovative, eco-conscious farming methods that require minimum investment – it’s all there!

What could be fresher?

From our farm to your table.

From the working farm that produces seasonal fresh produce like tomatoes, spinach, turmeric and green peppers amongst others, which is sold to local supermarkets and restaurants proving sustainability – it shows how agriculture is a business and a science and can provide any interested individual with all the challenges, growth and work satisfaction compared to any mainstream career.

Forget about the image in your head of a farmer wearing gumboots and pushing a wheelbarrow – this business takes savvy, ingenuity, determination, focused knowledge and a drive to succeed.

Results Focused Training

for the Agri-business Entrepreneur.

Doing agriculture right is on par with the most challenging sciences know to the world. Mother Nature takes no prisoners, so you had better know your stuff if you want to succeed.

Not only does African Greeneurs provide specific, modular individual training programs but also an innovative long term development program that puts individuals on the land to experience and practice agriculture in action, first hand.

Innovative, Eco-conscious Farming methods

that work.

Our planet needs our help and never more so than in the way we are using its resources to ensure our survival. Using innovative, eco-friendly farming methods to yield the best results and replenish our soil and water , not only ensures our survival as a species but also that of our planet.

African Greeneurs is growing and developing worm farms (Vermiculture and Vermicomposting) with great success and intends expanding them further as the farming operation grows. It’s all about giving back, both to our communities and the planet that sustains us.